Missy Sleeps – Heartbroken poem

She stands by the table edge knowing she will be parting a friendship of love

She stands steady and understands the reason this moment must come to an end

She stands by a body deep asleep, senseless to the surrounding in which it waits.

She understands how hard it is for others during this time that are near

the stillness within a room, sheathing the awaited end of breath of a friendship.

Emotion awaits for its moment, since concentration of angels keeps it a-bay.

The seconds seems like minutes, yet nothing like the hours of prayers

of mercy please forgive me for what I must do, of letting go a friendship so

willing, so true. Be no more suffering of pain this cancerous-killing bone dis – ease.

Spoken words carefully whispered. Voicelessness response felt through whisper-less air

as her limp body was covered than cuddle close as a doll in folded arms.

Held close against a bosom the lifeless body arrived, to a bed once slept in,

now becomes forever that peaceful place of ageless sleep..

Her hair was white, eye dark with sparkles

She was a friend, a companion, my emotional support

Her smiles was such a fashion,

Bright and playful nearly ninety-nine percent of the time she was.

People’s heart and sharing thought came from a far,

A giving only once sent, a sincere in a gifted card.

This special thought of love touch my heart will never be forgotten my new friends.

For all is touched in a way of just the knowing and understanding we will find our-self meeting this moment again.




Incidence of cancer in dogs I had been told is on the rise.  I was shock when our veterinarian shared this information with me. That still didn’t remove the weight of questions, why and what caused the cancer.

During the year while studying, reading, and asked questions, I learn and finally understood cancer still can develop, when providing good care and giving them the best foods to help them stay healthy.

I’ve met so many people that have their own story with the same ending as mine and most of us agreed we would face it again, because the enjoyment and love a pet can share so openly.

Learning hands on information from others became important, the do’s and don’t of what work. The importance of  Read, Read, Read, there is so many different views.

And most important,  Find a vet you trust, its okay to talk to more than one, if needed. Find a vet that cares about you and your pet, someone that will give you that five more minutes of real concern of what to do or where to go for more information as far as home and travel and diet.

Allow your pet to sleep in a dark room, give them plenty of hugs.  Happy dog, happy kitty.  Trick your pet into drinking more water.

Also Here are a few books I refer-ed back to many times

The natural vets guide to preventing and treating cancer in dogs: DVM Shawn Messonnier.  (New Science)

Help your dog fight cancer: Empowerment for dog owners: Laurie Kaplan, Alice Villialobos

And a book that is my old favorite, I hope still in print, Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook: Debra M. Eldredge, DVM,  Liisa D. Carlson, DVM,  Delbert G. Carlson, DVM,  James M. Giffin, MD

One last note if you do a lot of traveling as I did with Missy, a doggy stroller really came in handy for shopping and visiting elders at there home. She was always ready for another ride…









Bless Them Abundantly: A Veteran’s Day Prayer

Bless Them Abundantly:
A Veteran’s Day Prayer

Dear Lord,
Today we honor our veterans,
worthy men and women
who gave their best
when they were called upon
to serve and protect their country.
We pray that you will bless them, Lord,
for their unselfish service
in the continual struggle
to preserve our freedoms, our safety,
and our country’s heritage, for all of us.
Bless them abundantly
for the hardships they faced,
for the sacrifices they made,
for their many different contributions
to America’s victories
over tyranny and oppression.
We respect them, we thank them,
we honor them, we are proud of them,
and we pray that you will watch over
these special people
and bless them with peace and happiness.
In Jesus’ name we pray; Amen.

By Joanna Fuchs




Hello Feline Friends.

Because of your efforts Saturday, May 7th, our fund-raiser and dinner and auction was a success! Being a volunteer that evening allowed me to make new friends and visit old friends I had not seen for a long time.

The Cinco De Mayo Fiesta dinner was entertained by Tracy Boatman. His music was so  up beat people were dancing to the rhythm.


There was so much food, people came back for seconds of Enchiladas – Rice – and Tacos.



The silent and live auction presented by our auctioneer Mike Matherly who was full of


laughs and when the dessert auction started, the forks and plates were delivered


to the table so the people could share the tasty treats such as “Heart attack


 brownies”     “Double upside down cake,” cookies, cakes, and pies…


cats  Thank you coming

Thank you for supporting Purr-Angels in Yreka.




PurrPurr-Angels Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Dinner


Purr-Angels a local grass roots, all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving Siskiyou County, is having a fun raising dinner this Saturday May 7, at the Community Center in Yreka, starting at 5p.m.


 Purr-Angels Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Dinner
Date: May 7, 2016
Time: 5:00 PM10:00 PM PDT, will be loads of fun. Give yourself time to enjoy the wonderful music and auctions. There also will be  a Taco Bar – Enchiladas – Beans – Rice and plenty of Dessert during the dessert auction.  Come early and check the prizes while having an refreshment, from the open bar.

 Tickets will be sold at the door, and are also available at:  Frontier Hardware, Ft. Jones, Yreka Chamber of Commerce, Cliff’s Trophies,  Yreka   or call 842-0830   Tickets are $20.00.


Looking forward to seeing you there.

Scott Valley Rodeo in Etna

Legends are made at Scott Valley Pleasure Park this weekend with old time rodeo events.


“Keeping busy and making optimism

a way of life can restore your faith in yourself

-Lucille Ball


Siskiyou County was bless with great weather for the weekend, just the right amount of sun, clouds and breeze. There was plenty of food, drinks including events to last all day long. Kids calf riding, mutton bustin, open team roping,SAM_0463.jmuttonpg

Jr. Steer riding, girls breakaway roping, calf roping, mixed team roping,









The other entry was saddle-cow, ranch bronc, and Bull riding… This 69th annual
old time rodeo at Scott Valley Pleasure Park was worth the visit.



Yaks Koffee in Dusmuir

Yaks in Dunsmuir, Ca.

I love food. I enjoy staring at food. The aroma of koffee beans wakens my taste buds. I can imagine the flavors settling upon my tongue, it’s wonderful.


Near the upper Sacramento River and parallel the interstate 5 is a 1930 quaint simple wooden building which can be missed with a blink of an eye.

Yet, once driving or walking along the frontage road Yaks couldn’t be missed by the long line of people waiting for a table inside. As I walked pass the door, hardwood floor and low ceiling gave the inside a warm  rustic character. Suddenly I heard “Twenty minute wait and another twenty minutes at your table before you get your food.” I noticed a young lady taking names behind the glass counter, as she continued shouting over the noise. Quickly she stops writing, grabs a clear plastic container filled with a sticky bun, then slowly presents it as a gift to a customer. When the older woman turned, clearly I saw a stack of sticky buns, then a parade of three small children closely glued behind her. Within the minute an elder gentleman gray hair held the entry door open, than allowed it to close behind him after the children passed through.  

How did I learn about this little hole in the wall. The way most of us do, ” word of mouth.” In fact, I heard about Yaks Cafe in Dunsmuir, several times.  “Great place, great food, tap beer, plus it makes a nice motorcycle ride.”


The ride was nice with the changing landscape of snow patches, brown grass blending with new greens sharing the clues spring has sprung, and the air was pleasing while the sun was pushing itself beyond the clouds overhead. When we arrived, I found Yaks once was a little place my granddaughter Bryce Askew and I stopped in for breakfast by a previous owner. Today it’s a neat little place which glows inside with warmth and laughter. The seating was tight, but everyone was happy, real positive energy and I felt their was more to this place besides sampler sticky buns being handed out by the waitress, when ever someone/couple/family were finally seated. STICKYBUNS

The menu offered some tasty dishes and sauces like  Bailey’s and Bourbon syrup. Yet my eyes couldn’t stay focus on the menu card as a broiled steak burger covered with bacon, coated with layers of onions, gooey melted cheese and fresh deep fry chips on a well packed plate floated pass my eyes as my noise picked up the scent of fresh broiled.

Instead of waiting out the twenty minutes for a table, my partner Ron, created a space for two at the bar. With menu in hand we headed over and sat in front of the pouring station, where a wide range of micro-brews on tap was calling my name. but I switch to something warm so a coconut chi tea was my choice. COCONUTCHAITEA-copy

The workers were cool and totally liked working there. They like the food and wee crazy over the micro brews, they knew the back ground of the beers even the locations if we wanted to visit the places.


Well, after food and refreshments, the final note is we enjoyed an awesome delicious meal, great tasting beverages, plus  we just had to have a sticky bun in a clear plastic container in hand, before we walked out the front door. STICKYBUN1 

Yaks Cafe in Dunsmuir, Ca Yaks Cafe      Thanks Yaks, for the good food, service and pictures.

Oasis Beeswax Candle Class

“The direction of bees is like the direction of sunbeams”

-Henry David Thoreau


The renewing of spring has arrived. Birds are filling the air with song, varieties of green are replacing the brownish landscape, and people are prepping the soil to bed the seeds.

Soon the bees will maneuver through the flowers of crocus, lavender, sedum, Russian sage, mullet including the wild flowers in the field. Like an old clock that strike its chine on the hour, I will be welcoming the Honeybees short stay as they buzz-buzz along.

It just amazes to me how such a tiny little body, works so hard and gives so much in a few months. Just like a bear in the forest, I can eat the sweet honey and enjoy the Honeybees wax.

With that said, I had the honor of being a student of Ruth Peddinghaus liaison for “Oasis Beeswax Candle” aka Oasis Candle. The class was help in the perfect place in Mt. Shasta at A Melo Place art and craft studio.


For myself I had made candles but never with beeswax and using beautiful decorative modes. This was much more detailed than a craft we share with children.


I enjoy taking hands-on classes because it offers missing information I can’t find in a book such as important tips.  Wonderful saving tips such as, What not to buy,

Where to purchase a good item with the reason why, Thickness of a mold is important and What to look for, when pouring the Honey-beeswax into a mold.


Did you know beeswax is a common ingredient of natural chewing gum. I know when I buy my sheep cheese it is coated with beeswax to seal the air out, protecting it from mold growth. And when I buy my lipstick, it just has to have beeswax, like most lip gloss and lip balm.


I know in my sailing days beeswax was very important to have aboard a sailboat more so than a power boat, at least to me. I would beeswax the twine/thread for sail repair, it was used on the lines and lubricated the sail track when needed, also filled blisters in the fiberglass just to ease my mind.


Ruth, was very good about assisting each one of us through our creative adventure, and helped us under stand the main important tips to acquire the perfect finish, than allowed us to take our candle home. The class was three hours and worth every moment.


Right to left, Aurora, Ruth Peddinghaus with “Oasis Candles,” Chiharu Sai, Renee Wendy, Atara Melo, and I’m behind the camera. Til next time, Aloha.

Christmas Eve – Love

A very Merry Christmas and Blessings for a Wonderful New Year


Love is patient,

Love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

It is not rude,
it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with the truth.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes,
always perseveres.

                         1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

It’s Turkey Time – Happiness

I have found happiness who looked not for it.
There was a green fresh hedge,
And willows by the river side,
And whistling sedge.

The heaviness I felt was all around.
No joy sang in the wind.
Only dull slow life everywhere,
And in my mind.

Then from the sedge a bird cried; and all changed.
Heaviness turned to mirth:
The willows the stream’s cheek caressed,
The sun the earth.

What was it in the bird’s song worked such change?
The grass was wonderful.
I did not dream such beauty was
In things so dull.

What was it in the bird’s song gave the water
That living, sentient look?
Lent the rare brightness to the hedge?
That sweetness shook

Down on the green path by the running water?
Or the small daisies lit
With light of the white northern stars
In dark skies set?

What was it made the whole world marvelous?
Mere common things were joys.
The cloud running upon the grass,
Children’s faint noise,

The trees that grow straight up and stretch wide arms,
The snow heaped in the skies,
The light falling so simply on all;
My lifted eyes

That all this startling aching beauty saw?
I felt the sharp excess
Of joy like the strong sun at noon-
Insupportable bliss!

-John Frederick Freeman

Local Ocean Seafood, Newport, Oregon



Local Ocean Seafood

As we cruised down Bay Blvd, in Newport, our heads were swaying left to right repeatedly while looking for the number 213 which would lead us to a well recommended restaurant named “Local Ocean Seafood”.

As we continued checking out the landmarks we suddenly had the feeling we  went to far, for the view open up to fishing boats and piers with a sea wall in the distance, but across from that view was the restaurant we were looking for, with a small parking area beside it.

With a quick turn to the left, the car stopped at the first open space available.


Local ocean seafood was what we were looking forward to having for dinner tonight, after whale watching during the day. Peaking through the large clear windows I could see the glass case, loaded with shave ice, crab and fish on display.

As soon as we walked in, before a word was whisper a woman asked if we had reservations. After the reply she escorted us to a nice window table with a view of the harbor.  The reservation for four really gave us a nice setting arrangement without being crowned as it was, downstairs.

As the chairs were still finding that favorite spot, a medium size gentleman placed the menu’s upon the table as he look at each person while taking drink request, and when he returned, we were ready to order. Three of us order fresh grilled halibut and the fourth was fresh salmon. Also a couple of small raw fish dishes, with sea bean, seaweed, a dash of this and a dash of that was included, which made a very very tasty appetizer.

Image result for newport, oregon free pictures

All the plates were well displayed. The grilled halibut was perfectly placed upon a bed of pasta, kale, bacon, edamame, with just enough broth for the fresh sourdough bread. And the salmon with poblano peppers, veggies, and pasta with oregonzola cheese, looked great, also best of all their was nothing left on anyone’s plate, including broth or sauce.


all images are from; images of Newport, Oregon

Dialed-In Apology

A woman in her mid-sixties gaze out her window as the rolling hills past on by.

Her thoughts had fallen into a story from past sleepless nights of uncommunicative

event, possible irrational performance and for others embarrassing.

A single conversation was steadily playing as if a radio was turned on softly in the back ground, every so often she would reply to the tune of words as if it was a song she already knew.

Her over busy life that she set up for herself was already stressful, yet learning to say “no more” was always completed after she really saw the writing on the wall.

For a moment she thought back when sharing the stories of past events with her son about the characters and lessons that came alive. With interest William her son would reply with uneventful lessons he learned in hope she grasp the picture. She failed to tell him about a new possibility her professional driver brother plan to visit before holidays, yet with unsaid important things and levels of miscommunication, she left that part out of her in the moment conversation, until she learnt more.

A week plus and a few days later she received a text, “I sent a follow up msg yesterday to William. Great news…he will be able to make it. He will arriving around noon on Fri and will have to leave Sun a.m.” Tue,Aug 25, 10:03 a.m. Karen.

She respond quickly to the text and added, it sound like a family gathering to get a reply, but since there were no reply she put it aside and return to her elder friend she was helping during that moment, and while the cell-phone still in her hand she knew Micheal had confirm the date Friday Sept 11th and 12th, leaving it planless.

Three days before the set date, the woman again dialed-in, the ringer went silent, then a familiar voice came over the speaker, her moist eyes held back a tear as Micheal shared that Zebulon, Jordan and Sarah will be joining us Friday some time. As she hung up “OMG” “unsaid words” lite like a neon sign.

Image result for free pictures of sebastopol, ca

She felt it was already too late to contact William on short notice, he might be out hunting, it’s hunting season or something, he is so busy, one excuse, one reason after another was rushing like a river pushing its way into the ocean. She took a deep breath while shaking her head side to side.

She called her daughter, whom did live closer to her uncles house, but the real fact was her daughter explain their is a lot of red tape she needed to go through, she then heard “no promises” but she like to give it a try.

Sebastopol, CA: Main Street Sebastopol, CA

Friday afternoon the woman scan the landscape revisiting the familiars and new changes, Ruth was tending to her Boston terriers, as Harry James and Karen stepped off the wrap-around porch welcoming the woman and her husband. When Micheal arrived his question repeated Harry James “who all is coming” so the woman also known as I, dialed-in Bonnie at her business

BonnieSewGood - Guerneville, CA, United States. Christmas at Bonniesewgood!

“Bonnie Sew Good” she had the understanding it was Saturday, but she already made a big pot of Hawaiian Mac and ribs for the BBQ, she also went on in the conversation she was watching her grand-baby and her daughter and family was up for there annual visit of the Johnson Beach Music Festival so everything worked out just right, she’ll give Mick a call, and they’ll be over after the store is closed.

Ruth than announced Jerome was arriving late, which allowed Karen and Harry James continue to make places for guest before they arrive, also Karen’s son Matthew offered his bedroom and slept on the couch, like a gentleman, while others had air mattress.

The next morning was the normal up before light, a nice short visit with HarryJames and Ruth as we stopped at a nearby store and Harry’s morning coffee, then again to another store with Karen for a few items, and as the ride allowed a peaceful moment she shared special memories of a woman that touched her heart before she and the family go to the services that morning.

As we turned the corner a quarter of a mile from the house, Micheal and the gang were on a walk to Hardcore Expresso, that I said was only a mile down the road, which ended up a three mile return trip. Meanwhile I was putting together a nice toss green salad which would allowed time for Karen to ready herself and leave with Harry James and her family.

Every moment was filled with family visiting at the house while others were visiting the stores for goodies, and booze and lastly the window shoppers that walked and talked along the streets of Sebastopol.

As early evening progress, Matthew lost his home in the Valley Fire, that we could see in the distance from the back porch as the flames lite the un-darken sky as if sitting around a campfire.

Image result for images of middletown, ca valley fire

Yet like the rolling hills the evening pool game carried the night through until everyone was finally asleep.

Just a note;

For myself I am in hope the people that were embarrassed by my action accept my apology, including those I failed to pass the information too, as Betty & LeRonka & Wil & Bryce & Vickie & MaryLou &… I thank my son for his text-messages that pulled me out of the square box thinking, so I would make an important call and clear up some miss thoughts. I thank Mick and Bonnie for coming, sorry you thought you needed to leave when you were not in any fault.
And I like to thank Marilyn for her genuine apology to the family, Angel Blessings.

I Thank Karen and Harry James and Micheal for making this event happen, and I know all of us in the Plevney family have our prayers out to Matthew, all the families, elders, animals, all living things, and blessings for all through this journey.

Lessons are taught all the time if we recognize them, their was a few on this event, but the big teaching I learned is make that call even when it maybe too late and let the party make that decision for themselves, Thank you Lee Plevney  http://leeplevney.com/


Above photos are from;






Rescue Ranch Yreka – Open House


I’m invited to join Rescue Ranch annual open house event on

Oberlin Road, this coming October 3rd, on Saturday, 11 – 2-ish.

Every year the weather has been nice, with plenty of shade and sitting area to dance or listen to the River Rock Band.

The food, the refreshments, and sweets are great, as well as watching the owners and doggie friends tap their foot to the rhythm all day long.


Rescue Ranch is a non-profit organization inspired to help dogs that’s been abandoned, tortured, mistreated!  Then nurtured back to health, sound mind and loved. The goal is to find him and her a caring and happy home.

The people, young and of all ages, volunteer their much-needed time to help
support this foundation.

Help support a man’s best friend and watch him smile.

 Rescue Ranch Open HouseRescue Ranch Open House  Rescue Ranch Open House

                                  Come and do it for the dogs. I’ll see you there, Malia

Purr Angels, Yreka, California 96097

cats resting
It was nice being back volunteering again today at Purr-Angels a feral cat neutering and adoption service.

Purr-Angels still have two more months of clinic sessions, so mark your calendar for Sept 26 and Oct 24.

Now space is limited in the clinic, so please call early to schedule an appointment.

Call area code 530 – 842-0802 to have unaltered homeless cats or kittens spayed or neutered and vaccinated.
Purr-Angels believe this is the only way to keep the homeless cat population healthy and in check.

Volunteers are always in need to aid with feeding stations and clinics, also donations toward or of cat food would be very much appreciated.


Pacific Sand Dollars in Crescent City


As I was walking toward of the office of Crescent Motel, I noticed several Sand-dollars in a planter. While I was checking in I asked where could I possibly purchase a few sand-dollars to take home. The nice woman of 80 years young, smiled and enlighten me on how to look for sand-dollars as she handed me a “GO” booklet that had tide tables and recreation guide for Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Tide table for August 21, 2015 read; Curry and Del Norte Counties, High Tide 4:41 pm,at 6.2 ft. Low Tide 11:39 p.m at 1.6 ft. and sunset 8:10 p.m.


It was slightly after 7 p.m. that evening the weather was cooler with a slight breeze, when I decided to stroll along the crescent shape beach. For myself it
seem as if the area was much more protected compare to some northern California beaches where they are more for strolling along for taking pictures of landscape, picking up driftwood and shells, as-well-as semi-gemstones, or it could of been that I was just in the moment for catching a glimpse every so often of something that was a shape of a sand-dollar.

I also enjoyed watching people surfing, and a few others Hoe he’e nalu, in Hawaiian language the stand up paddle boarding, in the waist height waves.

When early morning arrived the weather was cooler and maybe a little drizzly at times also the sun was hidden behind thin layer of smoke. I walked the beach one more time, before leaving.


Notices and Regulations:

Taking live sand dollars threatens the species so in some states it is illegal, but sand dollar’s skeleton which in most cases are white when found on the beach is alright.
National park services greatly vary in regulations and rules of collecting items within the park also some marine protected areas overlap. There are three Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in California; best to check the up to date guide line http://beachtreasuresandtreasurebeaches.com/tag/shelling-regulations/

Sand dollars Question:

Question: Is it legal to pick up sand dollars on the beaches of San Francisco, with or without a fishing license, even though some are still alive — purple in color with hair (fuzz)? (Peter R.)

Sand dollars Answer:

Answer: If you are in an area where tidal invertebrates may be taken, you may take and/or possess up to 35 live sand dollars. A current sport fishing license is required for anyone 16 years of age or older. A license is not required to pick up empty shells. See section 29.05 in the Ocean Fishing Regulations for a list of areas where it is legal to take fish from the beach/tidepool areas  http://californiaoutdoorsqas.com/2012/01/


Here is a nice coast note put out by “Our Oregon Coast”, it’s a good read on Sand Dollars, what to look for, descriptions, colors, and what sand dollars are all about. http://ouroregoncoast.com/coast-notes-list/159-news/1312-searching-for-the-elusive-intact-sand-dollar-an-oregon-coast-favorite-activity.html

Benefits of Local Farmers, Siskiyou Community Food Bank


Never once in my child life did I spend time on a farm raising a crop or prepping the soil for seed. Yet coming from an island and running around picking fresh fruit off the trees, I know the taste of freshness in tropical fruits.

I have had the honor meeting a gentleman by the name of Cliff Kettle owner of Cliff’s Truck Garden.  He also is the owner of Cliff’s Trophies & Screenprinting which is for sale, so Cliff and his wife Sue, can find more time to follow another dream come true, “Help feed the hungry,” Siskiyou Community Food Bank

Cliff tends a several acre garden to sell the fresh vegetables weekly at the Yreka Farmers Market, as well as the Yreka’s Saturday Market in old down town district located on Miner and Broadway.

Siskiyou Community Food Bank now serves as a distribution center to existing local community organizations  which feed people in need.


The food bank has fund-raising activities to raise money so they may purchase food at a reduced rate through “Feeding America,” for more information contact Cliff Kettle at (530-842-1702. Like to help support the food bank, visit:  http://www.siskiyoufoodbank.org

And if you like to volunteer or help in other ways contact Cliff or visit their website, http://www.siskiyoufoodbank.org

The SCFB (Siskiyou Community Food Bank, assist organizations within Siskiyou County, as well as individuals and families. SCFB  food bank hub provides food for charitable and non-profit organizations.  Take time for a good thing and support your local food bank.


” Sister Bonding” Maui, Hawaii


What’s a picture without a handsome guy in it, sitting on the beach at Papalaua beach park, just outside of Lahaina, riding breakers and bronze-bathing in blue water.


This young kane (man) is enjoying a visit with his Auntie’s and his mom Ruthie whom is sitting next to him.


Next to Ruthie, is Auntie Bonnie, taking a break from her business Bonnie Sew Good, located in Guerneville, California,


and the last young ladies sitting at the end of the group is the main reason we all joined together in our mothers homeland, Maui.


Lee Plevney not only gave us an invitation, her and my sister Betty Plevney also bought our flight tickets for the trip and set up a whole week of tours, visiting family and doing what ohana (family) do.


Also in our tour we visit galleries where Lee Plevney has a few of her beautiful pottery displays,  http://leeplevney.com/ .


With our brother Harry James and our lovely sister Karen Plevney, we stretch out as the ocean changes moods while the winds changes its pace.


Yet, when it came to Zumba in our Auntie and Cousins classes, we did the four step mambo, cha-cha cha with some hot salsa, with the Hawaiian you go girl style blend. While, Harry James was displaying the kane side of the action!


Time allowed us to watch our many other Ohana cousins perform at the Old Lahaina Luau after visiting with Auntie Liz.

DSC_7992FrankieandPlevney DSC_7991Luau Elizabeth-Aspili-OAN1

Music has a way of getting into the heart of all of us.

No matter how we look at it there is never enough time to really get a good visit in, yet no matter how short, I really love and enjoy every second.

Everyday was a busy day, fun, laughs, strolls reconnecting with our Hawaiian ancestor’s, lots of mana (spiritual quality). The walk along the sugar cane fields and beaches gave such positive mood. It took me back to some of the stories I heard when I was a child.

All, girls took time to share “cheepono” a little (slang or phrase) used to express joy, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, then on the other hand, we were as well as tired, and moody, at times, but with aloha (spirit of love) an atmosphere of space, can keep the friendliness, affection, and understanding to continue and be allowed.


Now with that said, everyone has a signature dish, but how about a signature drink that family shares with a good meal, yup we do,  “Lemon Drop,”  http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Lemon-Drop .  a light citrus refreshing mix drink..

I am in hope to share a few more things we enjoyed so you also maybe able to visit or see what we saw. Mahalo..from all of us Plevney.


Carson Mansion, Ingomar Club

Carson Mansion4Alone the coast of California is a little town I like to visit time to time, called Eureka,

where beautiful landmarks define the present, from the Old Town of once use to be.

The old down town waterfront is one of many areas I like to stroll past the cluster of small

shops, museums, then sit and enjoy watching the boats come and go as the seagulls fly

by in the near distance or landing near my feet to steal a piece of crumb.

Within walking distance in a comfortable pair of shoes, I walk toward the foot of Second

and M Street where I gaze upon two amazing Victorian homes which are listed on the

National Register of Historic Places,

The fairy tale Queen Anne design displayed gables with large ornamental pillars upon wide

porches, one of which presents a tall cupola tower that can be seen across the bay.

The light green, dark green trim, four-story mansion stands within a Disneyland like setting.

Carson Mansion 3

A smaller pink and white trim house, again displaying the elegant Queen Anne quality with a

large domed turret, which announces her presents as the locals title her

“Pink Lady”, at 202 M St.

Carson Mansion

When I was looking for information on this Pink Victorian House I found

pictures of the inside presented by Mr. Larry Doss, brokered of Ming Tree Realtors.

The beautiful 4,560 sq. ft. house has three bedroom and two and a half baths.


As I walked across the brick pavement, I couldn’t keep from glancing from one house

to the other admiring the perfect craftmanship.

The four-story Carson Mansion at one time was going to be demolished

after the last William Carson heirs moved to San Francisco in the fall of 1940s

leaving the Mansion for sale. Yet due to the high cost of maintaining property and mansion,

it wasn’t until nine years later the William Carson property was purchased

and formally completed in 1950.

The Ingomar Club shares history and photo gallery about the Carson Mansion,

that is not open to the public but it’s member do serve a mission

of the restoration and preservation of the historical once was home.


Thank you to realtor.com, and Ingomar Club.com for the photos.

Rescue Ranch

Rescue Ranch Open House Rescue Ranch Open HouseRescue Ranch Open HouseRescue Ranch Open House

Cost of living is still raising, and jobs are becoming fewer. Places like Rescue Ranch Inc.  http://rrdog.org/ , which is located in Northern California, a small populated town named Yreka

help animals find a new home. Many of the dogs that arrive are in need of medical treatment, some require surgery. All of this only happens by your support, donations, no matter if it is

by volunteering, or giving a small donation. This ranch has grown in many ways, and it all started with love and a dream. Rescue Ranch has a boarding facility, training and play days,

agility classes, fun raising events, and at times the Siskiyou County Canine Association puts on a demonstration. Rescue Ranch is found on 2216 Oberlin Road, Yreka, 530-842-0829.

Rescue Ranch Open House Rescue Ranch Open House Rescue Ranch Open House Rescue Ranch Open House Rescue Ranch Open House Rescue Ranch Open HouseRescue Ranch Open HouseRescue Ranch Open HouseRescue Ranch Open HouseRescue Ranch Open HouseRescue Ranch Open HouseRescue Ranch Open House

Healthy Tip;  My dog Missy will eat any thing. The chocolate candy we eat are poisoning for a dog.

So, remember if you want to give you pet a chocolate treat, make sure it is a dog treat, not made for human.

Check this site out, Chocolate poisonous to dogs?  http://animals.howstuffworks.com/pets/question348.htm

Rescue Ranch Open HouseRescue Ranch Open House Rescue Ranch Open House Rescue Ranch Open House Rescue Ranch Open House

Rescue Ranch Open House Rescue Ranch Open House Rescue Ranch Open House

Fort Jones Fall Festival Classic Car Show, presented by Fort Jones Lions

Fort Jones Fall Festival Classic Car Show in Scott Valley, county of Siskiyou

Classic Car Show FortJones

Classic Car Show FortJones

Yesterday as I was heading over to Montague to do some volunteer work for Rescue Ranch.  I notice on my way out just off Hwy 3, at the Fort Jones Baseball field I found myself passing a Class Car Show and a horseshoe event taking place.  As I continued forward heading north, my love of classic cars and a new event in town, told me I just had to make a U-turn and stop in for a quick look.

Classic Car Show FortJones

The first car I wanted to see was the Skyliner also know as the Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner also the Ford Galaxie Skyliner. When I was a kid this convertible was a great family car, it just purr with power. It’s very under-standable why my parents owned two.

Classic Car Show FortJones

To learn more about this car visit, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Fairlane_500_Skyliner  oh! the car had a special place for your custom-built suit-cases. My mothers favorite color was red/white with white interior.

Classic Car Show FortJones

This Ford Fairlane Feyer also known as the 5 Fifth generation (1966) was a father and son project, restored right here in Scott Valley. This beautiful car has an engine for men to admire. This little muscle car has a 460 V8 with a C4 transmission. The name for the car was taken from Henry Ford’s estate “Fair Lane.” To learn more about this car visit, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Fairlane_(Americas).

Then we had 1927 Ford Model T Coupe, 1927 Ford Model A, 1927 Ford Motel T Roadster, and the list goes on.

1932 Chrysler models, convertible,hardtops, rumble seat, and we can’t forget the classic Dodge.

Class Car Show

Before I knew it the hour pass, The festival had so much to share, Idance Studio, presented a show with 50’s theme, music filled the air all day.

I dance, Fort Jones, Ca

Crystal Geyser Roxanne Water Company was one of the sponsors providing cold bottle waters, while the Fort Jones Volunteer Fire Department entertain the people as they pass the water out to the thirsty crowed.



Admission was free to the view the cars, show and shop at the near booth providing food, drinks, and gifts.
Oh, a local author, Marilyn Kilpatrick, held a book signing for “The World is My Oyster, Travels With a Cheapskate”.

Classic Car Show FortJones

The Fort Jones Lions put on a real nice show and I hope to see you their next time.

The Prayer Ho’okena with Malia Gibson




The days get busy, the hours seem pressing as they pass me by, soon I fall ill from stress, then a call arrives during the evening,

which makes everything else seem miner.  Besides taking care of my mother-in-law with shingles, and a stress husband as well, even the little things were bumming me out.

I had tried to learn my family Hawaiian language again but I found it harder, and when most of the singers speak the songs on the cd the words

pass my ears to fast, I find myself saying next time, maybe I can do better next time. So! from just a thought I asked the angels to show me a Hawaiian Song Prayer.

The same day that  I was lead to this prayer song, my cousin had come to mind, little pictures of the younger year, not knowing my cousin had passed over the rainbow to a greater light, I will always believe he guided me to Ho’okena.


I hope you enjoy it as I do, and I will always believe in simple things as asking an Angel for help,  Jerry Anthony Plevney 7.10.66  –  6.9.14.


The Prayer
Ho’okena with Maila Gibson

I pray you’ll be our eyes, and watch us where we go
And help us to be wise, in times when we don’t know
Let this be our prayer, as we go our way
Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace
To a place where we’ll be safe

I lama no makou, I pray we’ll find your light
E pa’a poli ai, and hold it in our hearts
Ke lipo mai ka po, when stars go out each night
I ‘ike ‘ia ‘oe (that you may be seen)
I pule na makou, let this be our prayer
Ke malu mai ka la, when shadows fill our day
Alaka’i mai (Offer us guidance)
E paulele e (that we may have faith)
I ka palekana mau (in safety that is everlasting)

Kahi pau o ka ‘eha a kaumaha (A place where pain and sorrow are no more)
A lana ka mana’o o kanaka (and hope is restored to the heart of man)
‘Upu mau a’e (We shall always remember)
Ka Makua Lani (the heavenly father)
Huli mau ia ‘oe (and always turn to you)
I ka lani la (reaching to heaven above)

Li olu iho no, we ask that life be kind
O walu o malu mai, and watch us from above
A pili pu’u wai, we hope each soul will find
Me ke aloha e, another soul to love

Let this be our prayer, let this be our prayer
Just like every child, just like every child
Needs to find a place, guide us with your grace
Give us faith so we’ll be safe
I ka malu ou (In your shadow)
E paulele ai (there we have faith)
I ka palekana mau (in safety everlasting)

A dog named Max Plevney Gamba Rhodefer chapter 1

dog sleeping

Animals just have a way of touching a person’s heart.

Like a normal routine I headed north to see how my father was doing, except this saturday I was heading to the duck club afterward to visit over night
with friends and my husband Daniel.
I wanted to touch bases and see how things were going and what
changes were happening after our mothers death.

Our mother Beatrice Plevney loved life, she grew plants year round,
raised birds, domestic animals, and
farm animals like a pet pig, that also was house train, believe or not.

She left four dogs at the time of her passing, one was stolen,  one of my fathers friends home Bucky,
my younger sister home a little guy named Killer, and then there was the pup.
That our father called  “That dam dog”.

 dog, holding marking twine

The first time I saw Pup, was with my mother when Pup wasn’t
old enough to leave the brood. Plus, my mother was given first choice.

When we arrived at my sons home all the pups were up by the house,
except this one puppy whom wander off on his own, down by the road.
Mom swept her hand under the pups belly, she gently cuddle the dog as
she looked at his markings and four white feet, she knew that Pup was going to be even-tempered just by watching him.
She just knew, he was the one.

dog resting at a pond

So, there I was standing in front of my dad, after Ruban and John, shared some important updates. “That dam dog”, my dad would grump about,
“he chews up my morning newspaper,”
“he digs holes to get under the house,”
“I got a barking ticket,” John, intruded in defense of the pup, saying
“All that pup needs is a little love. Pup and Bucky don’t bark,”
” it’s the dog across the street.”
For a brief moment it was quite, than my father added
” He’s not even a good watch dog!.”

My dad was tired, dealing with his cancer, and mothers passing,
also I could see clearly, what the pup was doing
so I offered to find him a home.

I asked Ruban to help me load Pup, into the jeep.
The pup was so skittish with me, I jump one way
and he would jump the other. He wasn’t wearing a
collar so Ruban made a quick fix which allowed us
to secure him in the back while I leave the window down for him.

dog resting at pond

So off to the Butte City Hunting Club, me and
the dirty scared pup in the back, at night.
This pup was so quiet I stop the car, walk around the back
and look in, he didn’t budge. I just knew the pup was dead.
I reached through the opening to touch him, he jumped so fast,
I jumped pulling my arm out at the same time. I felt like my
heart was in my throat. The pup never barked, not a sound,
just stillness. I left him alone, got in the car, and talked to
myself, sang songs to the Pup while we traveled.

Cell phones were a new thing, and didn’t work in several open range areas yet, so there was no way to let Daniel know in advance,
“who was coming to dinner”  but I knew we had an available dog kennel by the trailer site.
Now was the moment to move Pup from jeep to kennel, talking during the trip helped, the pup just watched me. I didn’t rush, he didn’t jump.
I could reach for the line and touch him.
Pup, was clueless to the dog house and a kennel, but things worked out
for the best, at least I thought so.

Before Pup and I settled in, a lively group of men were coming our way
and Daniel Gamba was among them, loudly they shared their day adventure, laughing about one another.
As they neared the kennel, one man yelled out
“Whats this Danny, your new hunting dog.” “What is that?” another gentleman rushed toward the cage to see the dog,
quickly the pup rushed to run away slamming
himself into the corner of the pen.
The men stop, not a word was said, then in unison they laugh louder than
before, suddenly I heard
“Hey, Danny, that’s no hunting dog, that’s a mutt”,
they continued razing Daniel. Another holler
” You can’t make that a hunting dog, you need one like mine” One razz after another, until Daniel turned around laughing again with the guys, he fired back the dog jokes, while they all continue on to the club house, with something new to joke about.

dog max relaxing
The next following morning Daniel and I just happen to be standing
near the dog pen visiting, when a loose dog was roaming around and came
over to the kennel, suddenly the pup lunged into the wire trying to get
the passing dog, protecting his territory.  Without words being said
out loud, both of us just looked at each other.

Pictures below are of Killer

dog name killer with michealdog name killer

The Ninth Island, Las Vegas


Today most people know Las Vegas, for its gambling and hotel
strip which is approximately four miles long, of resort properties, shops, shows,
and most of all casinos, yet this time we will visit Downtown Las Vegas
which is located within the city limits.

downtown las vegas 

Mid August is a great time to visit Las Vegas,
with family and friends.
For this trip since time was an issue,
Bonnie stayed in Guerneville, running her business, Bonnie-Sew-Good,

while Ruth and I pressed a twelve-hour drive, to join LeRonka,
for another Sister-Bonding.
  LeRonka, took charge and had planned everything in advance before our arrival,
a great place to stay, with great pools to visit and all we had to do is wonder
which pool area we were going to battle over.

 As well as two great shows, dinners and all of this was within walking distance.

With the weather being in the high ninety’s and low hundreds, we took advantage of the trams and monorail.

Vegas monorail

Using the local transportation system, as the monorail, taxi, and trams,
allowed us to by-pass the busy traffic and finding a place to park the car. 
All it took was pre-planning, tickets and timing.

The monorail provided seven stops,
MGM Grand is where we boarded, Sahara Station where we disembarked
to catch a taxi for the Original Downtown Las Vegas.

downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is the original townsite where gamblers and tourist came first.


Today Downtown Las Vegas is found in the central business district of Las Vegas,
and coin operated slot machines are still available off the Las Vegas strip


Up stairs in the “D” hotel and casino, still has coin slot machines,
  Yes, there is still slot machines that takes quarters and half a dollar pieces, and I enjoyed
every moment hearing the sound of the coin dropping before I pulled the iron handle.


Coin – operated slot machines

sisters at machines

Downtown Las Vegas


After having fun at the “D”, the girls checked out a few displays.

 My goal was to venture where my mother and I gambled some time ago,
I remembered a Hawaiian Festival.
In fact the silver dollar slop machines had silver coins representing  each Hawaiian Island,
at that particular moment.
I remember it well, cause for every silver coin I won, it cost approx twenty-five
to thirty dollars each, and my goal was to have one of each island.
Well, I never did reached my goal, but I sure gave it a good try.

 four queens

This adventure was further fueled by a few short stories my sister LeRonka
shared with me before we arrived to Downtown Las Vegas,  
of how Hawaiians like to gamble and visit Las Vegas yearly,
including our Aunties.

As she told the story, I could reflect of how my folks would
talk about “The Cal,” but I couldn’t place or think of where “The Cal”
would be located for the moment, so I left it alone. 

4 queens

Our second stop was “Four Queens” hotel and casino, here I was crossing my fingers
 to find a restaurant with good food,
at an affordable price, compared to what was found on the Las Vegas Strip.

Here we joined the Royal Players Club, 
taking advantage of Magnolia’s Veranda cafe,  free breakfast, with a second breakfast at
half the price, for new members, which really was a two for one special.
The Magnolia’s menu also offered Hawaiian foods,
like saimin, instead we ordered Rice, Spam, and Eggs, which we enjoyed.

Afterward, we took advantage of the ten-dollar free slot play, then left with our souvenirs.

Freemont Casino

Press for time we cross over to the “Fremont Casino,”
while the girls were checking out the machines
I wanted to follow-up on some information.  Since we already had previous engagement,
I was satisfied with what I learned and didn’t have to look any farther.

“The Cal,” (which was a couple of blocks away,)
 offered Hawaii to Vegas packages, and with that information
I was able to back track some of the places my mother Beatrice and I visited.  

la bayou

By chance, after returning home from such a wonderful space,
visiting my sisters LeRonka, and Ruth, in Las Vegas,

I found a short article written by E.C. Gladstone, Las Vegas Weekly. com, title
The Ninth Island, California Hotel and Casino.


In many ways visiting Downtown Las Vegas brought back memories,
and at the same time, it was enjoyable seeing the changes
for the better.
Visit  http://www.lasvegasweekly.com/news/2012/feb/16/island-desert-how-hawaii-arrived-las-vegas/

The article is about Sam Boyd and how much the Hawaiian People love to eat,
celebrate, gamble, and play.
Oh, yes, and live in Las Vegas as well.

Gold Nuggett

Stout Grove Redwoods


Stout Grove and Trails


Stout Grove is a lush garden of remarkable photogenic Redwoods.

In the midst of this densely plush tiers of ferns and needle like
ground cover floor,
Man and Animal, appear to be dwarfs,
among these giants trees.


These beautiful cinnamon color trunks can reach up to
approximately 380 feet tall,
the branches can also grow out to five feet in diameter.

Stout redwood trees

Giant Redwoods also known as the coastal redwoods,
prefer low elevation, and thrive in cool temperatures and like
 moist humid climate provided by the dew as well as mist of the coastal fog,
along the Northern California and Southern Oregon coast line.

In the past few years the climate change has been a concern, yet rain fall
helps keep the forest damp.


There are many ways these incredible trees have manage to survey through harsh times as,
forest fires, man, floods, and the rise and fall of change terrain.
Every adjustment these trees have created is a natural art of survival and beauty. 

I have added my favorite Redwood Hikes by David Baselt,
his site is very informational with wonderful pictures, and gives information
about proper time to be in the forest, for the proper lighting.

For myself and hubby we are always in the Redwoods to early of the day.
I hope you check http://www.redwoodhikes.com/JedSmith/JedSmith.html

Mount St. Helens

Years ago before Mount St. Helens blew his lid,

I lived in a small town named Vader,
at that time, there was two small grocery stores,
one within the city limits on the same block as the bar.
A small post office, and a nice elementary school.

The town carries a cute little history about its name that changed a few times,
before legislature finally named the town after a
German resident named Mr. Vader.
Little Falls Cemetery is still located just a short drive from Vader,
which was the original name of the town,
and Mount Saint Helens is still a couple of hours away.

Mount St Helens

Mt. Saint Helens received the name from a british diplomat Lord St Helens. 
Lord St. Helens was a friend of George Vancouver, a surveyor as well as an explorer.

Today, Mt. Saint Helens wild life, and vegetation is visible, after the volcanos major eruption
which occurred in 1980, month of May on the 18th day.

Information Board

Today, more than 30 years after the occurrence,  I was amazed to see how nature can survive eruptions like this. 
As I walked the trail, I studied every standing or moving entity. Color, size, type, even if it was flexible, or solid.

In the tranquil surroundings I listen closely for birds,
and  looked for deer tracks and other signs beside the horse hooves on the trails.

As I continued on further, I could hear the whistling of the wind as the trail bend toward another direction.

Little Tree

The landscape was harsh yet beautiful

Toutle trail

For more information about trails, check the following;   http://www.portlandhikers.org/, and/
or Mount St. Helens Visitor Center, http://www.mountsthelens.com/visitorcenters.html

When you are viewing the Mount St. Helens visitor center site, check out the
360 degree view from Mount St. Helens Crater Rim.
I am sure you will enjoy it as I did.

Thank You for Visiting. 

Pleasure Park Rodeo – whisper Bull Riding Clown

clown and bullbull riding

Like most Rodeo’s, Bull riding is one of the people’s favorites. The action between a rider, the bull, and clown will keep you on your toes.

bull rider and bull

No matter the colors between a bull’s hide, or the chaps which the rider is wearing, there is fast action every moment.

white bull

 The traditions of bull riding vary depending on country, but the basic idea is to stay on the bull.

The tradition of the “Rodeo Clown” performs a very important part of the show.

The “Rodeo Clowns” entertains the crowd, as well as protecting a bull rider, by distracting the bull when the rider is thrown off, buck off, or dismounts from the bull he was riding. 

bull riding


luckyman-052-copyrodeo clown helps rider

Additionally while distracting the bull, and keeping a head of the bulls response, he also watches where the riders is on the ground at all times.
 The talent being a “Rodeo Clown” is being alert, agile, as well as the ability to anticipate the bulls every move, while being humorous, and entertaining.

rodeo clown helping riderrider

I have been to one rodeo in Spokane, Washington years ago when a “Rodeo Clown,” also known as a bullfighter was seriously hurt. These people hold their position exceedingly well. 

Grateful Bull Rider


 Bull Riding Clown


66th Annual Scott Valley-Pleasure Park Rodeo- Etna, Ca.


 66th Annual Scott Valley Pleasure Park Rodeo

It’s been many years since I had been to a Rodeo, and I have to say it’s just as much fun as it was years ago.

This little Rodeo, started at 1pm after a nice Rodeo Parade, and Pancake Breakfast put on by Job’s Daughters at the Masonic Hall.

Cheerfully you’ll enjoy the pictures as I did taking them.


Todays Rodeo is for juniors as-well-as “Old-timers”


The Mutton-Busting
is a rodeo event for children, which has grown to be a popular event, for boys and girls.
The youngsters are under 55 pounds, and like other events, the ride is time and score. The real gift is all the young contestants receive a trophy.
As you see in a few of the pictures the competitors hold on for dear life during the ride.


Saddle Bronc Riding 

To qualify, a rider must have spurs over the break of the shoulders and touching the horse when front feet hit the ground, first jump out of the chute.


Saddle Bronc Riding


To Disqualified a rider, the rider must have been bucked off; changing hands on the rein; touching the animal, losing stirrup, touching saddle or rein with free hand. Synopsis R.C.A. rules.





buckin horse

Years ago I always watched the action that was happening at the moment.
Today, I watch the working horses as well. The intelligence these horses have to perform their duties as his rider’s give directions is amazing.

Once a Poor Farm in Troutdale, Oregon

McMenamins Edgefield, Once known as the Multnomah County Poor Farm.

Edgefield side entry to lodge

In 1911 this building and acreage was once known as the second Multnomah County Poor Farm located in Troutdale, Oregon.  The Poor Farm was to replace Multnomah County’s first home for the extreme poverty, penniless.  The concept of the farm and environment was to help the poor in social welfare situations, to better themselves, and enjoy country living while growing their own foods on the hillside. Edgefield poor farm

The farm grew to 345 acres with plenty out crop buildings for live stock, dairy cows, chickens and piggery as well as a Colonial Georgian style lodge or house made of red brick, very gracious building for its time.


In 1914 and 1918 the Poor Farm was a success money wise.
In 1935 the farm’s population grew to 614 residents before the World War II happening the work force bomb, workers left the farm for better pay.
The farm concept was gradually abandoned, which opened another avenue for a  county jail to be built on site.  Still politics for the Poor Farm was taking a down-hill turn, livestock and things were being sold while fields were leased.

Poor Farm

 EDGEFIELD, became the new name for the main lodge in 1964, which serviced as a nursing home (1964-1982).  Edgefield, was the first to offer physical recovery, in the state of Oregon, and moved the last three patients in 1982 to a new site.

Thanks to the Troutdale Historical Society, the preservationists were able to delay demolition to Edgefields vandalized buildings in 1985, five years later two brothers Brian and Mike McMenamin purchased the site.

Edgefield lobby

The McMenamin Brothers converted this abandoned country farm in to McMenamins Edgefield, the Main Lodge contain the majority of European-style guest rooms, a gift shop and across the shop is the lobby to accommodate  registration.  
McMenamin Brothers  redevelope forgotten old properties back into popular places people like going to for fun such as bars, microbreweries, restaurants, Bed and Breakfast, and more….

Look for Article 2 “McMenamin Brothers convert Poor Farm.”

I like to thank John Terry, Special to the Oregonian, article on July 02, 1911 and The Oregon Encyclopedia, it has a nice article written by Sharon Nesbit.   


McMenamin Brothers convert Poor Farm article 2

Once a Poor farm in Troutdale, Oregon

Edgefield lobby

The McMenamin Brothers converted this abandoned country farm in to McMenamins Edgefield, the Main Lodge contains the majority of European-style guest rooms, a gift shop and across the shop is the lobby to accommodate  registration.


guest in lobby

The main lodging has three floors, elevator only goes to the second floor. 
Today Edgefield is a Microbrew – Wine Bed and Breakfast place with lots to offer. 


Due to the soul of the old building, an open window with a fan is the only way to cool most of the rooms, from the understanding I had as my son Wil Askew shared his knowledge of the lodge. As we continue to walk down the dim-lit halls with artwork of murals, and old photographs on the walls and doors,


I would find myself lingering closer to the paintings, studying and wondering  what was the artistic mind thinking of when he or she created their creation 
such as Alice in Wonderland, an imaginative escape from routine. 
room numbers

This tour was useful, and fun since I’m planning to make reservations in the future, Wil also enlighten me it’s quieter on the third floor, there is possible ghost activities in the building, and the west side of the building can stay warmer longer during a hot spell. This is one of his favorite places due to the golf course and different events, eateries in one spot, and it’s a place to entertain guest.

At the registration desk I asked if I could read the book of ghostly experiences guest have shared. The staff was extremely helpful as-well-as friendly and asked for us to stay in the lobby area while were enjoying the book.

Story book

I like to thank the “The Oregon Encyclopedia” it has a nice article written by Sharon Nesbit.
I like to thank John Terry, Special to the Oregonian, article on July 02, 1911 @ 10:00 AM

Available Lighting and Color Cast

Taking pictures on the run while trying to visit at the same time creates a challenge of its own. Even with that said, the other challenge is taking pictures in the best available light that best fits the purpose at the moment, without using a flash.   This can be tricky, depended on the camera you’re using.   

This snap shot of Stephen and Summer (un-be known to them at that moment), 
has been taken in a building where a stream of light is flooding across the subjects, as well as bouncing off the walls, which created a soft light.

This non-specific overall lighting created a shadow-less softness, 
allowing the subjects to appear more pleasing. 


The softness from available lighting can be captured any where in-doors or outside. Available light can be re-directed just by using reflective boards. 
When the natural light floods through a patio glass door or windows at home, it diffuses light which bounces off ceilings, walls and other objects. This reflected white light also scatters subtle colors around in a wider area which our eyes don’t see.
Malia Askew

Light has color even when it looks white to our eyes. Our brain being like a computer, automatically adjust our perception of what we see, so we hardly notice any slight change. For example a clear day, with no clouds over head is a normal day for taking the camera out of the bag, press and shoot.
Since we don’t notice any subtle change in light, we see white as being white, yet a camera may sometimes pick-up the bluish cast, especially in the shadows.

The surrounding color on ceilings, walls, including the type of lighting used in buildings, or our home will cause a color cast which can be picked up by some digital and/or film cameras.

How to control color cast?

For myself auto white balance isn’t alway the best setting to handle color cast.

Tungsten light bulbs cast very orangish/yellowish color, which is easily picked up. The other color cast that appears in my photos when I’m not paying attention is bluish or reddish. Color cast can appear in the shadow, midtones, or even in the highlights of a picture.

Thiers are two ways I try to neutralize the color cast, one is by using my white balance (WB) sensor in my camera which detects the color temperature of light. I check my Nikon Manual for White Balance Settings for P, S, A, and M exposure mode, and then I experiment a little to establish my own personal preferences to remove color cast or enhance the preferences of colors.

The other way,  I soften a color or color cast is by using photo shop.

Malia Askew 

The above picture of Malia has a slight reddish skin tone more than I prefer. In this picture I did not remove the reddish color cast, but soften the color by using a 50% gray fill, then reducing the percent of gray again.

malia with gray fill

First I open my image,
then I open Layer,  >new,  >layer,
then I add a 50% fill layer by going to
Edit,  >Fill, > 50%gray, in this fill box it will read as, 
Contents, Use: 50% Gray, Blending, Mode: Normal, Opacity 50%, press OK
In the same layer #1,
I go back to Edit, >Fade Fill, here I can reduce to gray to the percent I like.

Malia, fixed, colorcast cover

This little short cut is not a fix all for most photo shots, yet a simple trick to help reduce un-wanted color cast, in simple cases.
For more information about white balance go to,

Using white balance to control color cast

Eternal Tree House CA-254

 Seemingly endless,

is a small grove of trees in sunny California found along a 31.5 mile state route road, CA-254, also known as the Avenue of the Giants.

This scenic highway now parallels its old friend Hwy 101, with acres of Humboldt Redwood State forest surrounding it. This park also is one of many Redwood State Parks which run along the California coastal shores.

Eternal Tree House

The trees within the park were so dense in spots, I could feel the coolness in the air between shadow and sunlight, but it never detract from it’s beauty.

It was amazing that these giants are the largest remaining grove of redwoods in the world, also from my understanding many of these trees dated back at least 2,000 years, surviving natural causes as well as mans motivating force.

Ron and I only arranged a two-day outing, leaving no time to partake in any rafting or camping in this ancient redwood forest. Yet with the little time arranged and what daylight would allow, we drove through one of three Redwood Giants that are located in California. Checked out a couple eateries along the avenue, stopped at the state park for the latest scoop about the forest, and just enjoyed the scent of pine while feeling the gentle breeze.

One of many places we stopped at was the Eternal Tree House.

Curiously I wanted to know why the tree was blessed,  Eternal?
What was God like about this tree?

Like a human or animal whom reaches beyond the norm of survival to live, so does the Eternal Tree. This tree as others among this grove of trees, still stand tall in grace today. Only 8% of the live Redwood Forest remains, due to aggressive logging by commercial industry, which claimed most of the forest.

Eternal Tree House

With that said, the redwood trees have been known to grow up to 22 feet in diameter, but the diameter of the Eternal Tree House is not. This living tree survived a prehistoric fire, and self repaired it wounds, except for an opening in the base of the trunk, which allowed for sheltering animals, and humans in the past years.

In 1900 while the railroad was under construction, portions of this tree was used for fence rails, railroad ties, shakers, in this local area.

In 1910, the Eternal Tree was hewed out approximately making a 20 foot square room, big enough for comfort and protection. In the 1950 the cozy area was enhanced to a gift shop. This little heaven also includes a little square window for light.
Looking up beyond the electrical light provided overhead inside, the deep  hollowness reveal a fire was evident years ago. Lastly this tree is a parent tree of several other Redwood Trees which are more than forty feet tall.

gift shop and eaterie

When you go to visit this simple little heaven living in the redwood forest,
just off CA-254 remember it really is a
Giant standing before thee.


I have included Mr. David Baselt’s writings of Redwood Hikes:
I have had the pleasure of enjoying these trails and I hope you will as well.

More on Old Growth Redwoods from wikipedia.

Talkeetna, Alaska

Motel in Talkeetna 

Talkeetna,   Alaska

 99676     Talkeetna, a small quiet community during  winter hours in Alaska. By late spring most of the winter snow has melted away from the lower valleys 
to alpine tundra, which allows many guest from afar to travel inland by motor-bike, or most any type of vehicle to explore the sites that Alaska has to offer.

After a winters slumber, Talkeetna commonwealth shines with delight welcoming new and past visitors to her community. Downtown is like a park, rustic and simple with galleries to visit, shops to shop at, eateries with good food, guided tours, plus more. The spirit of Alaska shines everywhere. 

Talkeetna Alaska

For myself  the ride to Talkeetna on our bikes was awesome.
Breath-taking scenery, the feel of freedom and viewing wildlife in true color
was a gift. Yet it was nice to stop and be apart of whats happening.

Alaska Peaks

When Ron and I arrived, This little center of attraction was bustling, thriving with people, hikers, campers, RV, and tourist. 

Talkeetna Alaska

The special attraction that brings most people to Talkeetna, is  Denali meaning “The High One” which is a Tanaina Indian language. Denali is the original name for Mt. McKinley. The Inuit Koyukon Athabaskan Indians 

Denali Ranger station

originally inhabited these areas.  This mountain has the highest peak in North America, which is an attraction for mountain climbers from all over the world.  Talkeetna Ranger Station is the home of Denali’s mountaineering rangers. Here we received great information about the surrounding area, mountaineering, mountain orientation, and since the talk was interesting we  signed up for another lecture covering the wildlife.


Talkeetna Alaska

 After we roamed around inside a small red schoolhouse, in downtown  Talkeetna, which displays some of Talkeetna’s historical pictures with stories, facts and artifacts, we than headed for West Rib Pub and Cafe.

West Rib Pub and Cafe

Naturally for some people being a creature of habit, Ron order his all time favorite Cheese Burger, for myself the Caribou Burger sound good, but when I saw a plate of ribs being served, I knew I was at the right place.The atmosphere was great while the meals were marvelous.

Trading Post

For us the timing was just right, nice weather, plenty to see and do, the town
was within walking distance from the camper park, where we decided to pop
our motorcycle trailer for a couple of days before heading to
Denali National Park.
I embrace the conveniences of hot showers,  and doing the laundry,
 also no matter what time of the day all the people of Talkeetna were very pleasant and helpful.

                 We are looking forward to visiting Talkeetna once more. 

























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Talkeetna, Alaska
Zip Code 99676   Talkeetna, Alaska is a small queit community during the winter and wakens to a busseling and thriving community beginning about mid April through mid August.


This little community is like many others, that you read about in the tourist books, lots happen, nature at its best, wildlife and people from all over the world to see what Alaska is about.

The special feature that brings people to Talkeetna, is “The Great One” Denali named by the Inuit Koyukon Athabaskan Indians whom originally inhabited these areas, and the name the state of Alaska is proud of.  This mountain has the highest mountain peak in North America, and it attracts mountain climers from all over the world.  


The best part after reading the stories and having a sense of what the history was about allowing is than going to see the areas and allow everything to become living color



Located in a little red school house in a peaceful community rest information of which once a small settlement, and the orginal people that live in the roughed terran of what is now known as Talkeenta, Alaska





Illusion or Real

Some say, heaven is speaking through the clouds sending a peaceful spirit, that relaxes the mind and soul.

Clouds that say something

It’s in those moments, when the clutter escapes my mind, I become one within my surrounding landscape, enjoying the endless gifts that heaven allows.

Angel Lady and Man clouds

An echo-less language of colors within a cloud, express gifts that only the sightless can not see. Yet even the blind can recognize its form by the whishful breath and dew that touches all living things.

 Clouds that say something5u

Misty morning clouds rise from its slumber beneath my feet, it’s weight-less spirit bath’s my face, wakening my senses while I enjoy the depth of quietness within.

  clouds that say something

Is it an illusion or do you sense it’s real, too.

clouds have something to say

Inside Mare Island Building Gang Design

Through time many places such as Mare Island and owners go through the hardship of rebirth and restoration moments when rebuilding or remodeling needs to take place.

 Mare Island grafitti

 During these times as the cities, home owners, business owners are waiting for money and approval to start new projects, old buildings rest and wait for long periods of time, months and sometime years.

 Mare Island grafitti

During these times, people enter inside these empty four walls that hold the building into place. Some of these people are looking for a place to protect themselves from the outside harsh weather, some vandalize damage things to take out their anger, while others create an artful graffiti,

  Mare Island grafitti4

 a visual language, pictures of expression.

 archory 222

As I was heading off  Mare Island toward Sears Point Rd, I notice a door open on one of the big work hangers, next to an old baseball field near the river.  I stood by the open door looking in, and held within this space was a gallery

  Mare Island grafitti6

 focus on different idea’s and influences.
I understand that graffiti is defacing personal property, but I had to share what I saw within these walls and the energy with it. I have no idea what each creation story is about, but I did see the respect, each group gave each other, as each of them created their own master piece.

Sonoma County – Ernie’s Tin Bar

archory 329

Ernie’s Tin Bar
Stage Gulch Road
Petaluma, Ca 94954 beer and wine

In my traveling from Vallejo to Petaluma is a back road I like to take every so often, off of CA-37 Sears Point Road Hwy, onto Lakeville Hwy. On this road just off to the right is a little run down auto repair shop at the corner of CA-116 E/Stage Gulch Road, just south of Petaluma in Sonoma County. This once blacksmith shop since 1923 as than and is now a little hangout place for the locals where cold refreshments are served and when the timing is right fresh veggie can be had as well. What’s the name of this little place on the corner, it’s ERNIE’S Tin Bar.


Ernie's Tin Bar2 

Ernie’s Tin Bar has been open since 1923 except for a few days closed for funeral services when it‘s name sake past-over the rainbow. Once a very popular place when other businesses were just across the road, Ernie’s kept going through the changes of life. First a blacksmith shop still housing many of its original tools, to auto repair shop and gas station, while all along serving drinks under the same roof.


Ernie's Tin Bar3

In the bar area every picture has a bit of history with many stories, which is worth asking about. The patrons are genuine and the gourmet Chex mix makes a great snack when enjoying a cold refreshment. Stop in and visit this little history that’s still standing in time.

“Beltie” Belted Galloway

Beltie Herd

As I drive along Old Hwy 99, every so often I notice a small herd of cows that remind me of a Oreo cookie, you know the one with the white sugary cream center sandwich between two chocolate tastie cookies, so I just had to stop, take a few pictures and asked about the origin of this breed that is new for me.

The distinguishing mark on this domestic Belted Galloway is the broad white wavy coat of soft hair that completely encircles the belly and back area, which is also familiarly known as the ‘Belties’ among breeders.
This white strip is also seen between a coat color of red, a pale color ranging from brown to yellowish, term by the name dun, and the famous color of the Oreo, color black. 

Belted Galloway cattle are able to graze well in rough areas which are less ideal for pasturing other livestock. This is understandable looking at the recorded history indicating the harshness of the sculped landscape, in Galloway a district of Scotland. Today steep slopes of mountains valleys are partly covered with turf and heather, showing bare craggy rock.  While the bottom-valley is blanket with glacial sediments supporting a better soil, for many Galloway pastureland for livestock and the Belted Galloway cows. 

Belted Galloway have/are listed with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy founded in 1977 for preservation of heritage breeds and poultry, domesticated animals raised in agricultural surroundings and semi-wild animals, like the San Clemente Island goat.  Please read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Clemente_Island_goat

 Galloway cattle are known for their lean flavorful marble meat.  You can find more information at U.S. Beltie News-Belted Galloway Society, Inc. on Facebook, and for more information on Galloway, landscape, check out Southwest Scotland, 


Closing Full Moon for 2012

Luna, ByMalia
Luna, byMalia

We have had many a full moons this year in 2012 including a beautiful Supermoon the weekend of May 5th.  I was lucky to be in Redding, Ca.  when the Solar Eclipses happen, it was a breath-taking moment. And lets not forget the  Blue Moon, shimmering bright  August 1st and again the 31st, meaning two full moons in one month,

ring around the moon byMalia

Many cultures traditionally name the moon by what happens per month, such as the Celtic would use the name Cold Moon, for the month of December. The Neo Pagan would use Long Night Moon.  New Guinea would call it the Rain and Wind Moon, and the Choctaw (American Indian)  would call its December moon, Peach Moon. For more moon names from other cultures visit home.hiwaay.net/~krcool/Astro/moon/moonnames.htm

The symbolism of the moon is very complex. Since stone age, man has felt the moon and tides must have some type of relationship.  From an intuitive sense the moon represents wholeness, and inspires poetry for love. With love it has inspired flowers to only bloom under the moon light.

Clowning Around Everyday

Clown and Parades


What’s a parade without laughter and fun.

Some of fixings for a parade are people dressed in costumes, marching bands, floats,  horses, big trucks, and children.

 One of the entertainers sometime seen
is a clown, and there are so many types of clowns we never thought of before.
My favorite when I was a child is the Keystone Kop, dressed as a policeman they are so much fun to watch on tv.  The Rodeo Clown, is a pro mixing laughter for the onlooker and protecting the bull riders in dangerous situations.

  The children enjoy clowns, and I still do today.
All about clowns, is a great little site full of information 
on character possibilities the imagination can hold, 
it also gives a brief history on how the
make-up style started for the Hobo Clowns, 
including where clowning possibly came from.


clowns in parades

Full Moon – White Light of Beginnings

“The sun and the moon powerfully represent the two opposing yet harmonious forces of the universe.” 
Denise Linn from Secret Language of Signs


The Luna, cast her white light  throughout the dark sky, which holds all the colors seen in a rainbow. 
White represents a beginning. This explains why Luna, can depict faith, angels, healing, and harvest.


Luna’s  soft light sets a sense of intuitive feeling and grace 
since prehistoric times.  
It’s energies endlessly appears, as its
 supernatural effect has touched us in many ways, seen and unseen.
The moon have been associated with fertility, once called a woman’s moon time, more known as a womans menstrual cycles, 
germination of seeds become apace, reproductive life cycle of small living creatures perform, and flowers begin to bloom under its charm.

Luna ByMalia

 Occasionally the full moon may appear twice a month. Other-wise it appears once every 29.56 days, so they say.
 African Boabab are trees in Africa that bloom during the night, only to erupt with more flowers when a full Luna appears.
Moon flower,  waits for the moonlight, while Angel’s Trumpet celebrates it  with her sweet fragrance .

Ring around the moon

Phases of the full moon, yes luna,
affects the ocean tides and rivers entering the sea. 
Waves stage  a sense of freedom, as the moon shines upon it unjealousy.

A steady tripod.

Foggy morningTripods!

Speaking for myself, I find as I tend to age my hands are no longer steady like they use to be in my younger years, so on the days I choice to shoot my camera, I hold off having a cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning. I also find myself carrying my monopod, or tripod around more often which helps provide a steady support for a camera.  It is essential to use a tripod while the camera is in a slow shutter speed mode. The tripod is used for many types of equipment as-well-as providing a good steady foundation for other uses.

Tripods and accessories can be found at most camera centers, and rental places, and it is wise to find some helpful information guides on tripods due to the many selections and styles. A tripod can be used for a pair of binocular, or spotting scopes for birds, a digital camera or a film camera, it’s also used for a camcorder and a video camera, how about a gun, painting, science for observation as telescopes and other equipment, construction sites use them for their equipment, and I have also seen them used at camp sites. Using a tripod also isn’t as easy as it seems. Tripods come in different heights, many with extending legs with different style knobs, to tighten and release the legs. Tripods comes in different weights due to the type and construction of material use to produce the tripod. Tripods can be sold with or without a tripod head, so it is very important to ask questions when ordering on-line, or over the phone. Always read the specifications when available. Also one more thing about tripods, they need maintenance and care as well. 

Some tripod models have a center shaft that can be removed and reversed allowing the tripod head and camera hang upside down, this allows the camera to be low to the ground.  Tabletop models with the cute little legs can be used for slow shutter speed, and hides well if you do not want the camera to be seen. Tabletop tripods are very light weight and may not work well for a heavy camera, so keep size in mind.

Besides a good tripod, I use a monopod, and at times a two-legged pod which I purchased at a hunting store in Oregon, it comes in handy when I am sitting along a mountain side.

All in all to offer the steadiest support for a camera is using a tripod or support of some sort and cable release to help prevent camera movement.
When do I use a tripod, under low light situations, night-light or available light from stars and moon, fashion shows, when I need an extra camera ready to shoot from a different position, also tripods are good for long lens, the longer the focal length of the lens the more shake or movement becomes apparent. I can prep the camera at any angle, take my time and once I am set up, I am good for hours.

check out these sites for more information and styles

http://www.opticsplanet.com/tripods.html      Optics planet
http://www.cabelas.com/tripods-mounts.shtml    Cabelas
http://www.millertripods.com/     Miller tripods

American Buffalo

This great animal also known as the American Bison once roamed free and wild  in large herds across the grasslands of North America, Appalachian Mountains, Canada, and south to Mexico.

For the American Indian a Buffalo is sacred. This great animal provided hide for protection from the environment (tepee) and shelter for other means. The buffalo hide also provided bedding, moccasins, robes and clothing. The buffalo hair was weaved and used for halter, rope, ties and thread. The indian tribes were very resourceful and creative, not only did the buffalo provide meat for food to be eaten immediately but it was also dried later to be eaten as jerky, the horn was used for cups and ladles and toys.  To view a list on what the Indian uses of the buffalo was, go to  http://www.sd4history.com/Unit3/buffalouses.htm

The spiritual sign of buffalo means abundance and great power.



As they say with the new point and shoot cameras, You don’t have to be a pro to shoot like a pro, but a few tips do help.

Before you put your camera in your hand bag, pocket, or camera bag, check battery life, and make certain that all the camera settings are set for the day venture.

When holding the camera by hand, use both hands to steady the camera, stand well balance and hold your arms close to your body. Use a car, fence post, tree, wall to lean against, for a support when you can.

Ideally,  when taking pictures with your camera, is to support the camera  with a tripod, monopod, leather or bean bag. The reason is to reduce the possibility of image blur caused by camera shake, specially for night pictures.

Support equipment comes in many different designs, shapes and sizes, from large heavy-duty to smaller light weight versions with wire wrap legs. Check the model you plan to use, is it capable of supporting your camera and is easy to use. Check how easy are the legs to extend, how easy to clean, material means weight, how far do you plan to carry it. Does the tri-pod have hook attachments to support it on a windy day.

Portland downtown storefrontwindow

Digital Camera

camera canon EOS40D

Digital cameras come in many shapes and sizes to suit their customers needs and budget. If you open one up you would find chips and circuitry, compared to the simple and basic film camera.  The digital camera’s has a built-in processor and software which adjust hue, tones and sharpness. Several of the new generation of a digital camera are mirror-less, with a HD video within a super-compact body. Several cameras have SD/SDHC memory card slots, and like DSLRs, many can shoot RAW, which records all of the original light and color data from their sensors. My Canon EOS40D has a auto sensor dust cleaning which is a real plus.

For more detail information, check out this easy read book with plenty of illustrations,  pictures, and is a national best-seller “How Digital Photography Works” by Ron White, illustrated by Tim Downs, second edition. 
For the reader that enjoys online edition Safari Books Online, or Barns and Noble Book Store.Portland downtown storefrontwindow

She’s a Wow poster

They shall beat their swords into plowshares,
and their spears into pruning hooks:
Nations shall not lift up sword against nation,
neither shall they learn war any more.
                                                                     – Bible, Isaiah 2:4, also Micah 4:3


War poster